Shenzhen Absen Industry Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of LED Displays.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of e Hi-Definition outdoor and indoor full color LED display & LED screen, outdoor and indoor single & dual color LED display screen, Semi-outdoor LED single and dual color display screen. Also have the CE certificate and RoHS certificate. Our company website and the website in Alibaba also have the credit standing certificate which issued by professional organization. All products are ported to more than 40 countries such as America.Belgium, Netherlands, France, Italy, Russia, Bugalria , Saudi Arabia, Israel, Kuwait, India, Iran, New Zealand, Honduras, Mexico, Nigeria , Sudan.

Main Products

We are the professional manufactory in producing, marketing and related service of electronic ( electrical, electric) parts & components- LED display, LED displays, LED display screens, LED display screen, LED screen, LED screens, custom LED displays custom LED displays, outdoor LED displays, outdoor LED display, outdoor & indoor single & dual color LED display screens, custom LED display screens, semi outdoor LED single & dual color displays, TFT LED, LED videos and TVs ( televisions), LED monitors, vacuum gauges, dot matrix, clock display screens, 7 ( seven) & 10 ( ten) segments ( meters), moving signs, LED boards ( signboards, motherboards) and lights ( lightings), LED matrix projects, LED using voltage displays, digital & alphanumeric LED displays ( screens, display screens) LED display moving signs & bulletin boards & posters, LED video wall.