Tong Hsing Electronic Ind., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Electronic Parts & Components.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of electronic, electrical parts & components since 1975, mainly producing think film substrates, DPC substrates, MEMS packaging, SIP assembling, ceramic substrates, RF testing, etc. Obtained ISO 9001, TS 16949 and ISO 14000 certifications.

Main Products

Tong Hsing is the professiional manufacturer in microelectronic module packaging - MEMS assembly, MEMS packaging, ceramic circuit substrate, hybrid substrate, ceramic thick film substrate, thick film substrate, available substrate technology, substrate manufacturing services, thick film substrate manufacturing, outsourced substrate technology, LTCC ( low temperature co fire ceramic), laminate, thin film on copper lead frame technology, assembly packaging services, SMT, COB, C4 & GGI flip chip ( controlled collapse chip connection), gold interconnections, back end technology, backend operations, wafer grinding & dicing, IC packaging service, semiconductor IC testing, IC test service, IC assembly packaging, TEMEX CSP for MEMS and saw, dram CSP bridge thin film copper lead frame, ultra thin, RF modules, high power led thin film DPC substrates (for camera phone flash modules), thin film DPC on ALN substrates, thin film DPC (for stacked dram packaging used in high end server), SIP assembling, automotive electronics, automotive electronics modules ( module), automotive electricity and electronics, auto electronics, auto electronics modules.