Shenzhen Telstar Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Comsuming Electronic Products Supply.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of consumer electronic products supply, include MP3 player, USB flash disk, GPS and relevant IT industries, USB pen drives, PMP, MP4 players, etc.

Main Products

consumers electronic ( electrical, electric) products- (1) audio & video ( AV) products- PSP & PMP, PSP MP3 player, cheap PSP players, PSP price, PSP media & video & movie palyers, flash game players & music player PSP, sony PSP players, play station portable, mpeg player PSP, PSP accessory, PSP memory stick, PMP ( portable media players) players, HDD PMP, hard disk PMP. (2) MP3 player, MP3 players, MP4 player, MP4 players, 128MB ( 256MB, 512MB) MP3 players, digital & custom MP3 players, portable & mini cube MP3 players, China ( Chinese) MP3 players & MP4 players, digital MP4 players, MP4 video players, 1gb ( 2gb, 3 gb, 4gb, 10gb) MP4 players, MPEG4 players, portable media players, flash MP3 myspace players, cars ( automotives, automobiles, vehicles, auto) MP3 players, segment & LCD MP3 players, OLED & USB MP3 players, boomcube & creative mp3 players, gift MP3 & MP4 players, sony mp3 players, cheap MP3 & MP4 players, flash & sandisk mp3 players, iPod Nano & shuffle players, apple & video ipod, ipod mini, cheap Apple Nano ipod & iPod shuffle. (3) USB products- flash memory sticks, memory stick drivers, USB pens, flash pen drives, pen drives ( pendrives), memory pens, 1gb ( 2gb, 256MB, 512MB, 2.0) flash pens, flash disks, flash drives , ( 2gb, 256MB, 512MB) memory sticks, flash hard drives, storages, flash memory cards, USB drives & pens & sticks, mini SD cards, SD & MMC cards, sony memory stick pro duo, Laser pointers, USB Laser pens, Leather USB sticks, football & bottle usb drives. (4) GPS, car GPS, GPS navigation systems, GPS navigation system, GPRS & GSM tracking systems. (5) medicine electronics , medical electron, medical, medicine equipment, medical equipment, medical equipments.