Wishsino International Group Ltd.

Manufacturer of Tooling and Injection Molding and Metal Stampings.


Company Introduction

Wishsino International Group, Ltd. was founded in 2001 in Shenzhen, China, located adjacent to Hong Kong, pretty convenient with transportation and shipping delivery. Injection mold manufacture, equipped with experienced tooling designers and molder veterans , based on advanced equipments, such as Wire-cut machine, CNC, EDM, Lathing\milling machine etc, has been manufacturing precision, good-sized molds in compliance with Customer’s spec, drawings and special requirements, ranging ABS,PC,PVC(hard\soft),PP, POM, Nylon EVA, PMMA, CA, HDPE\LDPE, etc, meanwhile, tooling drawings offered to customers detailing runner gate, slide, core, insert, cooling system and cavity status before tooling. Injection manufacturing factory, 32 injection machines run with 3 shifts per day, machine pressure100~1000T, weight0.1~85,000g plastic parts, 350workers, 420staffs totally if office involved. R&D department, staffed with engineering veterans, aided by advanced software, PRO\E, AUTOCAD, consolidates strong power in dealing with OEM\ODM\Retail, plastic& metal. Stamping manufacture, heavy punching machines equipped and experienced engineer aided, has been producing metal products attracting customers from all over the world, especially finished products, Satin Nickel\Chrome brushed\Antique brass brushed, etc.

Main Products

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