Weitronic Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Manufacture of Electronic, Electrical Parts & Components.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of electronic, electrical parts and components, include connectors, future bus connectors, Euro card connectors, female headers, male header, D sub connectors, IC sockets, edge card slots, IDC plug and sockets, USB connecters, mini jumpers, PLCC sockets, etc.

Main Products

For competitive markets, we produce wide range of interconnection products, electronic ( electric, electrical) connector, connectors, future bus connecters, Eurocard connectors, D SUB connectors, edge card connectors, wire to PCB connectors, 2.0mm hard metric connecters, pin & USB connectors, micro match connectors, DIN41612 connecters, board to board connectors, female & male headers, IC & PCB sockets, IDC plugs & sockets, IDC & pin headers, mini jumpers, 1.27mm pitches, future buses, board stockers, shrouded headers,