Ch-Sail Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Consumer Electronic Products and Accessory.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of consumer electronic products, include digital video broadcasting, MP4 & MP3 players, mould, custom injection molding, die casting moldings, DVD players, PDA, DVB S, etc.. OEM and ODM orders are accepted.

Main Products

consumer electronic ( electrical, electric) products & accessories ( accessory) - digital video broadcasting, digital video broadcastings ( broadcast), MP4 player, MP4 players, MP3 players, DVD players, PDA, DVB S, usb pen drive, electron contracts, research & design products externals, TFT LCD panels, SD cards, mould, custom injection molding, mold making, die casting, plastic injections, metal injection molding, aluminum ( aluminium) mold making, CD & VCD players, TFT TV, audio equipment, digital audio players, DVB mobile TV ( DVB TV), iPod accessory, karaoke machines, portable media players, pen & flash driver, DDR RAM.