Leamax Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Electronic, Electric Parts & Components.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of electronic, electrical parts & components, include PLCC sockets, SMT socket, pin & box header, female header (1.27mm, 2.0mm, 2.54mm), power jack, DC & PCB & RCA jack, phone & earphone jack, mini din jack, BNC & FFC & FPC connectors, wafer & IEEE 1394 connectors, D SUB & USB connectors, cable assembly, battery holder, mini jumper.

Main Products

With production capacity 1.5 million pieces monthly and "National Trade Department" to give you great service and products, including electronic parts & components- PLCC sockets, PLCC sockets, phone jack, phone jacks, D SUB connector, D connector, micro D connector, D SUB connectors, SMT sockets, pin & box headers, female headers, power & earphone jacks, DC & PCB & RCA jacks, mini DIN jacks, BNC & FFC & FPC connectors, wafer & IEEE 1394 connectors, USB connecters, cable assembly ( assemblies), battery holders, mini jumpers.