Shenzhen Golden Moon Light Source Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Professional Manufacturer of LED lighting.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of electronic, electrical parts and components since 2001, specialized in LED lighting, outdoor LED lighting, LED bulbs, decorative LED Lighting, LED tube, LED tail & rope lights, wash wall lamps, underwater lamps, underground lamp, MR16, cabinet lamp, saunna lamp, steel round lamp, spotlight, mine LAMP, starlight bunch, LED stop lighting, automobile & truck lights, bar led light wholesale, etc.. Obtained ISO 90000, ISO 9002 certifications and also acquired CCC, CE, RoHs and UL approvals. ODM and OEM orders are welcome.

Main Products

electronic ( electrical, electric) parts & components, light ( lights) emitting diode ( diodes), LED products, LEDs, LED sources, LED chip & assembly ( assemblies), led supply ( supplies)- (1) LED light ( lights), led light bars, led light accessory, led floor lights, led decorative lights, led indicator lights, led light sets, led color changing lights, led headlight, LED light kits, LED car lights, tail lights, LED light bulbs, LED Christmas tree lights, LED light strip & string lights, flash light, LED pool & tea lights, LED disco lights, LED light rings, household ( home) & replacement LED light bulbs & running light, cap & cup LED light, LED light fixture, boat LED light, LED marine light, LED long tube & underwater lights, LED buried ground lights, LED sight & wall lights, LED brick & bulb screen lights, LED pels screen lights, LED police lights, LED traffic lights, LED net lights, LED neon lighting & traffic signals, LED light module , LED work & strobe lights, LED night lights, LED wall washer light, LED spotlight & floodlight, MR 16. (2) led lighting products, led lighting system, led illumination, led lighting fixtures, led lighting stage, led landscape lighting, led step lighting, led residential lighting, led display lighting, outdoor LED lighting ( lightings), LED trailer & rope & bar & pipe ( tube) lightings, back lightings, LED key chains & marker lightings. (3) custom led lamp ( lamps), led floor lamps, led head lamp, led headlamp, round lamp, LED bulbs, LED bulb, LED spot & flashing & bulbs, LED flashlights bulbs, Cabinet & Saunna lamp. (4) led display, digital & numeric & dot matrix displays, led display screens & boards, led display sign, led moving & lights display, led signboard, led moving signs, led board & module. (5) custom LED, white, green, red, blue, yellow, violet, amber LED, SMD LED, super flux & bright LED, Piranha LED, high & low power LED, ultra bright LED, led backlights. (6) led gifts, led decoration, led flashlight key chains, led flasher, led clusters, decorative lights, led bulb housings, led bulb bases, led washing lights.