Jye Tai Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Connectors, IR Remote Controllers,Optical Connectors,RCA pin jacks


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of electronic, electric parts & components, inlcude IR remote controls, aterproof remote controls, slim & thin remote controllers, D connectors, SIM cards, AC sockets, DC power jacks, optical emission connectors, RCA pin jacks, RF connecters, phone jacks, terminal blocks, DIN sockets, speaker jacks, optic devices, IEEE1934 & USB cables, digital TV devices, DC cables, AV cables, wire harnesses, official HDMI adopters, data cables, etc..

Main Products

consumer electronics ( electronic, electrical, electric) parts & components- (1) remote control, remote controls- IR remote control, IR remote controls, waterproof remote controls, slim & thin remote controllers. (2) jacks- D connectors, optical emission connectors, RF connector, RF connectors ( connecters), optical transmitting & receiving connectors, memory card connectors, BNC connectors, DC power jacks, pin connectors, RCA pin jacks, phone jack, phone jacks, earphone jack, speaker jacks, speaker jack, terminal blocks, DIN sockets, AC sockets, DIN socket, SIM cards, audio & video jacks, voice & optical jacks, fiber optic jacks. (3) cable assembly, cable assemblies- optic devices, digital TV devices, wire harnesses, telephone wire, IEEE1934 cables, USB cables, DC & AV cables, data & computer cable, official HDMI adopters.