Refine Machinery Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Industrial Parts & Compnents Supply.


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Refine Machinery was established in 1986. In its early stage, its businesses were mainly conducted with OEM for transmission spindle, gear wheels, machine components, and so on. Since 1988, in order to serve customers with more flexibilities, multi-dimensions, and precise manufacturing process, we continually brought in Japanese TAKISAWA CNC Computer Lathe, MAZAK CNC 5-Axial Turing Center, MAZAK CNC 4-AXial Turing Center, etc. High precise machines and examination facilities to hugely decrease the costs of labors during the product developing and innovating and to effectively increase the product quality and production possibilities. At this stage, our operating team accumulates abundant manufacturing skills, train many outstanding management personnel as well as technicians to take a further step in precise components developing and manufacturing. Refine are pleased to accept your advice and all your value support. Welcome.

Operation Principle:Not Pursuing to Be The Biggest Firm, but The Best.

Main Products

Manufacturer of industrial parts & components supply, include optical components, optic parts, machine parts, compressors parts, auto compressor parts, auto compressor part, collet chucks, hsk chuck, hsk chucks, mill holders, hsk holders, aluminum parts, gears, shafts, industrial sewing machine parts, precision machine part, mechanical parts, sanders, OEM, etc.