Koming Design House Corp.

Manufacturer of Gifts, Giftware and Business Promotional.


Company Introduction

Koming Design House Corp. was established in 1997 and specialized in manufacturing and exporting of gifts and electronic consumer goods. In order to serve vast ranges of customers, our company has invested on factories of different lines. In addition to a technology factory, there are pen factories, and plastic factory, so that we may submit customers with reasonable price, excellent quality and utmost service. Our company always keeps the management policy as follows: "A sale is not the end of transaction, but the beginning of an obligation." We have got patent license for many products out of our running lines. The products have patent right include Energy Cup, pen shaped alcohol tester, multi-function alcohol tester with keychain, car use virus buster, pedometer pen, push action torch ball pen, LED projector pen/keychain, UV warning pen, etc. Our R&D is keeping on developing other new products.

Main Products

Manufacturer of business promotional items includes ball point pens, multi function pens, custom printed pens, water filter cups, unique electronic gifts, unique & household gifts, drink cups, energy cups, pen shaped alcohol testers, multi-function alcohol testers with keychain, car use virus busters, business logo gifts and premiums, pedometer and push action torch ball pens, LED projector pen keychains, UV warning pen etc. We also manufacture health products- car uses photocatalysis virus buster, alcohol breathalyzer, alcohol detectors & testers. Our R&D is keeping on developing other new products.