Delleks Internaitonl Corp.

Manufacturer of Industrial Titanium Hardware Supply.


Company Introduction

Delleks Internaitonl Corp. is an OEM and ODM manufacturer of Titanium Based products basing on two main elements, the design resource and the product's quality. We have over 10 years experience in specialized Titanium manufacturing, including the processes of melt casting, forging, stamping, and now unique to us injection molding (MIM). Our skilled technicians, who work with closely with our expert engineers, give us the ability to meet the high standards demanded by our customers. Our products ranges are from simple tubes and sheet through to highly technical surgical equipment. Our quality is rigorously managed for all manufacturing procedures and endures several in-line inspection checks and dynamic appraisal procedures. When a product concept is developed and manufactured to its completion, Delleks maintains a close control of all its manufacturing steps. This assures all customers’ complete product satisfaction. We have developed and perfected various heat treatments, surface treatments, and forming techniques. These are specifically designed to enhance the materials' inherent properties. Vast additional benefits can therefore be gained to suit individual processes and operations.

Main Products

We provide all kinds of titanium based products, melt casting processes, forging and stamping processes, titanium tubes & parts, titanium frames, stems, seat posts, handle, bar ends, titanium sport parts, titanium hockey crosses, bicycle parts, MTB frames, ingots, plates, bar length, powders, sponges and wires, cutlery and tableware, sports knives and multi-tools, medical implant and joints, surgical equipments, scalpels for handy crafts, containers, injection molding (MIM), tubes and sheets, hot and cold rolling products, titanium mass produced smaller items, OEM & ODM, etc.