Yummyery Starling Stationery Co., Ltd. ( Fuliya Stationery Manufacturing Company)

Manufacturer of Stationery & Giftware Items Supply.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of stationery & giftware items supply, include card & pen holders, letter trays, photo albums & frames, bijoux boxes, watch holders, pen stands, waste baskets, magazine & wine holders, desk & cup pads, CD holders & cases, file holders, document pouches, pen bags, catch all boxes, etc.. OEM orders are quite accepted.

Main Products

stationery ( stationeries) & giftware ( gifts) items- paper stationery products, paper stationery product, paper products, paper product, card holder, home goods, home good, card holders, pen holder, pen holders, pencil holder, pencil holders, file holder, file holders, watch holder, watch holders, magazine holder, magazine holders, wine holder, wine holders, pen stand, pen stands, letter tray, letter trays, CD holder, CD holders, CD case, CD cases ( boxes), photo album, photo albums, photo ( picture) frames, photo frame, bijoux box, bijoux ( bijou) boxes, catch all box, catch all boxes, waste basket, waste baskets, desk pad, desk pads, cup pad, cup pads, document pouch, document pouches, pen bag, pen bags.