Shenzhen Wisecom Technology Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Telecommunication Products.


Company Introduction

Japanese quality, Italian design, Hong Kong service, China mainland price tag, Shenzhen Wisecom Technology Co., Ltd. approvals and two years guarantees are our basic business practice. We can offer you the design strength, quality control and production capabilities that every buyer requires in an OEM supplier, but that only a supplier backed by extensive industry experience and brand marketing exposure can provide. Our team of designers, engineers and technicians are based in Shenzhen, China, led by our executive staff with over 15 years of experience in industrial design and technological solutions. With new original designs each month and many new internationally patented products with new solutions each year makes Wisecom the choice of the future. Using the same technological production knowledge and skill of our partner companies in Japan and South Korea, we offer their same high-precision products at favorable market prices through our low cost mainland China manufacturing. Want to find out more about the benefits of sourcing, contact us today.

Main Products

Manufacturer of telecommunications products, include Skype exchange, Skype gateway, voip exchange, VoIP & Skype switches, wireless USB phones, USB voip ATA, Skype phone, Skype ATA, Skype adapter, USB adapter, Skype pbx, USB gateway, USB voip gateway, voip box, dual phone, VoIP ITA, intelligent VoIP gateway, recording device, 4 line Skype exchange, Skype device, VoIP ITA, Skype diverter, USB VoIP diverters.