Novax Material & Technology Inc.

Manufacturer of Industrial Materical Supply.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of industrial materials supply, include nano gold catalyst, nano silver catalyst, minus ion powders, water & oil repellent agents, silk protein, xylitol, chitosan, capsicum tincture, etc..

Main Products

industrial ( industry) materials supply ( supplies)- nano gold catalyst, nano silver catalyst, minus ion powder, negative ion powder, carbon monoxide removal, escape hood, escape respirator,smoke hood, fire respirator, smoke respirator, fire hood, anti bacterial silver particle, negative ion pillow, negative ion wristband, negative ion matrix, energy bracelet, nano water repellent solution, nano oil repellent solution, carbon monoxide, silver ion textile, far infrared ray textile, collagen textile, silk protein textile, xylitol textile, chitosan textile, capsicum tincture textile, CO detector sensor, TASTEX.