High & Low Corporation

Manufacturer and Exporter of Electronic, Electric Parts & Components.


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
High & Low Corporation is a leader in manufacture and developing of EMI/RFI filter solutions. Manufacturer and exporter of electronic, electric parts & components, include EMI filters, power line filters, capacitors multilayers, power entry modules, single phase filters, three filters, and so on. Combining award-winning technology, editorial expertise and favourable conditions of location. HAL provides customers with highly relevant search results, competitive cost, rapid delivery, good quality and full support for marketing demands. HAL has paid close attention to customers' needs. Our associates throughout the world all share this common culture, comprised of six universal values: spirit, pride, determination, commitment, passion and integrity. These are much more than words. Our culture is a tangible force, one that transcends geography and language, and permeates everything we do as a company. These values inspire the way we serve our customers, who rely on HAL professionals as a true partner in their business success. We not only provide them with the absolute best products, technology and service, but we listen to them, respond quickly to their current needs, anticipate future needs, and earn their business every day. Our culture also demands that we be responsible advocates of the communities in which we live and work, and of the natural environment we all share.

1. TQM ( total quality management):

a. Enhance the inspection procedures in raw material charging.
b. Carry out a comprehensive range of stringent control & prudent management.
c. Inspect goods strictly before leaving factory.

2. Enhance customer service:

a. Set up a particular center handling customer’s complaints.
b. Shorten the delivery time.
c. Strive for fully measuring up to customer’s requirement.

3. Lower down production costs:

a. Conduct research develop and substitute raw material with low costs.
b. Increase the criterion of product yield ratio in each process production.
c. Reinforce in-service training of staff members.

Main Products

Manufacturer and exporter of electric parts & components, include EMI filters, power line filters, capacitor multilayers, AC line & RFI filters, power enter modules, single phase & three phases filters, home appliance suppression & special design filters, PCB mounting & medical filters, EMI suppression chokes, free through & output filters, facility & DC rated filters, signal line & IEC inlet filters, powerline filters, custom design & electromagnetic interference filters.