Ten-Power Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Electronic, Electrical Parts & Components.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of electronic, electrical parts and components for more than a decade, specialized in producing film capacitors, ceramic capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, varistors, surge arresters, etc..

Main Products

an experienced manufacturer of capacitor- capacitors, film capacitor, film capacitors, ceramic capacitor, disc DC ceramic capacitor, multilayer ceramic capacitors, epoxy dipped multilayer ceramic capacitor, disc dc ceramic capacitor, electrolytic capacitors, metallized film capacitors, polypropylene film capacitors, metalized polypropylene film capacitors, polyester film capacitor, mini box capacitor, axial & radial dipped capacitors, varistors, Zinc Oxide varistor, surge arresters, surge arrestor, safety capacitors, mylars, electronic components & parts.