Weightec Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of electronic, electrical parts and components, include LED display, LED screens, LED light, LED lamps, high power LED, designing, molds developing, SMT, plastic injection, assembling and manufacturing, outdoor & indoor single & dual color LED display screens, LED full color screens, LED lighting products and accessory, LED lights & bulbs, DVD power supply, LED path lamps, power supplies, power adapters, AC DC adapters, phone adapters, etc.. And have acquired UL & CE certificates.

Main Products

electronic, electric parts & components- (1) LED display, LED displays, LED screen, LED screens, LED light, LED lights, LED lamp, LED lamps, high power LED, high power LEDs, outdoor LED displays, LED full color & outdoor screens & displays, LED display screens, custom LED displays & screens, outdoor & indoor single & dual color LED display screens, custom LED display semi outdoor LED single & dual color displays, indoor & outdoor SMD display screens, similar ( similarity) SMD display screens, LED dot matrix, numeric tube, LED moving signs, dynamic billboards, text & graphic display screens, information board, LED bicolor information panels, LED electric wall display screens, flexion, arch screen, LED monitors, clock display screens, LED matrix projects, digital & alphanumeric LED displays ( screens, display screens), LED posters. (2) professional LED ( light emitting diodes) lighting products & accessories, LED lightings & bulbs, super bright LED, par & pool lamps, LED spot lamps, underwater & underground LED lights, traffic lights, LED police lights, decoration ( decorative) & Christmas lights, flux, ultra bright, indicators, digital, miniature light bulbs & lamps, neon, rope & net LED lights, white, green, red, blue, concave & polygonal, columiform & round, tri colors ( tricolor), organic, flashers, LED full color tubes, LED path lamps.