Wu Tong Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Textile & Fabric Supply.


Company Introduction

Wu Tong Industrial Corporation is a professional lace manufacturer and was founded in 1979 in Taiwan County. We have steadily grown under the conception of sincere attitude, satisfactory service and beautiful products from our Chairman, Mr. siou syong Su and Mr. jheng you Su Meanwhile, under the leadership of President Mr. ding yu chen and dedication from all staff, we have gradually expanded our markets worldwide. Our main products are in six categories: textronic lace, textronic with soft-touch lace, jacquardtronic lace, jacquardtronic with soft-touch lace, raschel laces and seamless products. Looking ahead into the future, we will keep satisfying the changeable demands from customers with offering latest, high quality lace products and with prompt service and up to date fashion information as well. Moreover, with our base in Taiwan, our utmost goal is to step forward to the world stage with our original principles - sincere attitude, satisfactory service and beautiful products, pragmatic attitude and 100% efforts.

Main Products

Manufacturer of lace fabrics include shoes laces, embroidered laces, bridal & black lace fabrics, rigid raschel & rigid textronic lace fabrics, rigid jacquardtronic & stretch reaschel lace fabrics, helance lace fabrics, seamless cloth products.