Icare VisionTechnology Inc.

Manufacturer of Industrial Machinery and Equipments


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of industrial machinery and equipments, include cutting machines, laser cutting welding machines, CNC EDM, EDM machines, EDM wire cut machines, electric discharge machines, laser jetting machinery, laser metal cuttings, etc.. OEM and ODM orders are very welcome.

Main Products

industrial ( industry) machinery ( machineries) and equipments- cutting machines, laser cutting welding machines ( welders), industrial laser & cutting equipments & machine, cutting machine tools, metal cutting tools, CNC EDM , EDM machines ( machining), EDM parts, EDM wire cut machines, electric discharge machines, wire cut EDM, wire EDM machines, pharmaceutical machines, gas assisted equipment, gas injection, tire marking machines, rubber processing machinery, CO2 cutting lasers , CO2 lasers, laser drilling, laser jetting machines, laser machines, laser metal cuttings, laser welding machines, PCB equipments, machinery traders, high power lasers, precision laser cutting, metal working machinery, SMT assemblies, circuit board manufacturing, surface mount assemblies, laboratory equipments, industrial boilers, boiler heating systems, heart treating furnaces, heart treatment furnaces, industrial furnaces, rubber manufacturing, auto wheel manufacturers , rubber tires, coating equipments, SMT, powder metallurgy, powder metal, metal coating.