Chang Chun Hsiung Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Machining Parts.


Company Introduction

Chang Chun Hsiung is a leading machine manufacturer of 5 faces machining centers, double column machining centers, horizontal machining centers, double column grinding machine, double column planning milling machine, duplex spindles milling machine, and gun drilling machine. Our company was established since 1967, first year we established double column planning milling dept to meet the market needs, until now we were still keeping going on developing machining center industry. We appreciate the supports from you and all our satisfied customers. We will continue to do our utmost by innovating more machines, supplying with the best quality and rendering our best service to all around the world. We believe this is the best way to keep all of us moving forward to face the challenging machining center business world of today and the future!

Main Products

Manufacturer of tools machine, including double column planning milling machine, double column machining center, duplex spindles milling machine, gun drilling machine, double column grinding machine, horizontal boring milling machine, 5 faces machining center.