Telways Communication Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Fiber Optic Communications Equipments.


Company Introduction

Telways Communication Co., Ltd. strives to provide cost-effective, cutting-edged optical transmission solutions and converters for its customers, increasing their overall competitiveness in the market. Telways' capabilities include PDH, electro- optical devices and Ethernet media converters. Meanwhile, Telways develops its own UltraVista network management system to provide total solutions for access networks. Telways offers a fine array of quality fiber optical modems/ multiplexers differing in transmission speed (E1, T1, E2, E3, T3) and series of O/E and O/O Converters with speed performance from 155Mbps to 2.5Gbps (from STM-1 to STM-16). In addition, the company offers clients at home and in Asia-Pacific area products featuring IDSL and Ethernet FOM. Telways firmly believes that it is only through fiber optic technology with unlimited bandwidth that optimal service can be brought and that its clients can stand unmatched in their respective domains. Telways' leading R&D team makes a continual effort to develop its own brand and carries out OEM/ODM contracts from international brands to effectively reduce costs and to promote product competitiveness. Furthermore, in order to expand production, Telways endeavors to play an active role by serving as agent to the latest communication devices, providing its customers with the best technical support.

Main Products

fiber optical communication equipments & solutions services supply ( supplies)- (1) Ethernet application, network management system for telecom access network , modems & transmitters. (2) performance monitoring system, performance monitoring equipments, media converters, network systems, terminal multiplexers, rack equipments, wan solutions, ethernet networkings, PDH applications, media converters. (3) fiber multi plexers, fiber ( media) multiplexers (FOM)- E1, E1/T1, E3, T3, PDH T1/E1 and RS232 FOMs, T1/E1 mixed, E1/V.35/10-100M Ethernet fiber optical multiplexers, Modems, STM-1-1/4/16 extension converters. (4) media converter, media converters- stand alone & 16 ports chassis types, control master and tributary cards, optical fiber protection converter, protector, perfromance monitoring systems, ultra vista network management system, Ethernet over SDH. (5) access network, access networks ( solution)- PDH E3/T3 FOM, PDH HDSL, PDH T3 DSU with SNMP, Gigabit, Fast Ethernet Media Converters, STM-1 Extension Converters (optical/ electrical, optical amplifier, repeater, protection. (6) switchers ( STM-1 optical/ Electrical, E1, T1), Ethernet/ Gigabit over SDH,SL-FE80, SL-MX320, EN-1, 1+1 auto protection switches ( switch, switchings), EC100G,SL-OT100DT, SL-OT1000GX, SL-OT1100.