HPC Technology Inc.

Manufacturer of HDMI Products.


Company Introduction

HPC Technology Inc. has self-confidence of our capabilities to deliver the best products and services to all customers and maintain competence as a professional total solution provider in HDMI product integration design and manufacturing services. HPC provides "One stop shopping" to customer and devoted to market research as well as product knowledge so as to offer customers with satisfying and comprehensive solutions. Most importantly, we seek needs of customers. R/D team has expertise in new product design, cost-effectiveness and market trend analysis. HPC also itself in an makes every effort to involve R&D task of HDMI technology working group. This can be best proved by the development of new products - HDMI Switch, HDMI Splitter and Repeater. Base on strong R&D capabilities, we are able to introduce several new HDMI products each quarter. Products under development at the present include HDMI Connector Assemblies, HDMI Cable Assemblies, and HDMI Adapter.

Main Products

electronic ( electrical, electric) parts & components- HDMI switch, HDMI switches, HDMI connectors ( connecters)- HDMI A type 19 pin plugs, pin connector, HDMI A type SMT sockets. (2) HDMI cables- HDMI to HDMI cables, HDMI to DVI cables, HDMI adapter cables, HDMI repeater cables. (3) HDMI adapter ( adaptors)- HDMI / M to HDMI / F, HDMI / M to DVI / F, HDMI / F to DVI / M. (4) HDMI switch, HDMI switches- 2x1 & 4x1 & 8x1 HDMI switches, ODM HDMI switches. (5) HDMI matrix switches– 2x2 & 4x2 & 6x2 HDMI matrix switches. (6) HDMI distribution amplifiers- 1x2 & 1x4 & 1x8 HDMI distribution amplifiers. (7) HDMI matrix distribution amplifiers- 2x2 & 2x4 HDMI distribution amplifiers, 2x8 & 4x4 HDMI distribution amplifiers. (8) HDMI repeaters, DVI repeaters, HDMI wall plate.