Shenzhen Kedajika System Development Co., Ltd.

Security Cameras, CCTV Cameras


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of security cameras, CCTV cameras including night vision IR color CCD cameras, IR waterproof zoom color cameras, CCD systems, IR waterproof color cameras, color dome cameras, integrated zoom cameras, day & night color cameras, vandal proof cameras, boxes cameras, bullet camera, mini cameras etc. And Obtained CE and FCC certifications, welcome worldwide agent, ODM and OEM cooperation.

Main Products

safety ( safe, surveillance) equipments & systems & products- security camera, security cameras, CCTV cameras, CCTV camera, CCD cameras, CCD camera, IR waterproof color cameras, color domes, integrated zoom cameras, day & night color cameras, mini dome surveillance systems, speed domes, spy products, surveillance cameras & monitors, color mini domes, colour box cameras, board camera OEM, cameras systems, color cameras, weatherproof cameras, China security systems, smoke detector cameras, vandal proof domes, CCTV, day & night CCTV cameras, CCTV security equipments & systems, CCTV systems, wireless dome CCTV cameras, CCD, CCTV security ( surveillance) cameras, CMOS color cameras, color CCTV surveillance cameras, CCD systems & surveillance cameras, IR waterproof ( water proof) zoom color ( colour) cameras, PTZ speed domes, color mini domes, board cameras, waterproof & vandal proof cameras, dome cameras, boxes camera, bullet cameras, mini cameras.