iSpan Corporation

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of imaging AV and digital audio products, such as digital video camcorders, DV camcorders, digital multi-media products, bluetooth earphone products, etc. The company has launched lots of digital in-hand products into 40 countries, including TEAC, Radio Shack, Fujitac, Mecer well known and aggressive brands.

Main Products

customer electronic, audio and video products- (1) digital camcorder, digital camcorders, , digital video camcorder, digital video camcorders, DV, DVs, DV cam ( camera), DV cams ( cameras), PMP ( portable media players), PMPs, digital ( digit) still cameras, portable media storage, portable media storages, bluetooth and USB products, MP3 and MP4 players. (2) camera memory card readers and writers- mini and micro SD ( secure digital) cards, RS MMC cards, memory storage card, multimedia ( multi media) and USB cards, SIM card readers. (3) soft toy speakers, pouch speakers, wall mounted ( mounting, mount) battery chargers, Li Ion rechargeable batteries, watershed bags, desktop tripod, bluetooth docking hubs.