Glory Plastic Co., Ltd.

Glory Plastic has manufactured quality-plumbing product for use in commercial and residential.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of quality-plumbing product, Plastic products, ABS pipes, PE pipes, PVC pipes and Fittings for all sizes, for use in commercial and residential construction. The quality assurance ISO–9001:2000/CNS–12682 from Taiwan government. Also honor to use the “GENUINE”and ISO-9001 mark on thoses products.

Main Products

hardware, construction & building materials- (1) pipes- HDPE, HDPE plastic pipes, ABS pipes ( acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene plastic pipes), PE pipes (polyethylene plastic pipes), PVC pipes (vinyl chloride plastic pipes), industrial plastic drainage, drainage, water and sewer pipes, drinking water, fiber optics, broadband network, sewage and rectangularity pipes, cube & plastic rectangularity pipes, converge boxes air conditioning, corrugated and sewerage system pipes. (2) warning tape, injection molded, plastic fittings, sewerage, plastic vents, plastic piping boxes, plastic rollers, collapsible & aluminum foil warning tapes, warning tape, plastic spools, HDPE & plastic pipe fittings.