Zinoki Ltd.

Manufacturer of Body Boards, Hiking Sticks, MP3, Portable Radio, Battery-Operated Fans and Toys


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of body boards, hiking sticks, mp3, portable radio, battery-operated fans and toys supplying North American, European and South American buyers. Also OEM & ODM are available.

Main Products

(1) consumer electronic- calculators, earphones, iPod cases & accessory ( accessories), MP3 & MP4 players, portable handsfree kits. (2) sporting goods- body, kick, skim and snow boards, ski pole & boards, sport bags, swimming accessory ( accessories), walking & hiking sticks, cricket helmets. (3) toy- B & O pinball games, line train set and remote control aircraft carriers, battery operated fans, FM radio fan, educational toys, AM & FM portable radios. (4) premium items- premium radios.