Great Novelty Electronic Co. Limited.

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Company Introduction

Look to us here at Great Novelty Electronic Co. Limited for your procurement needs. Established in 2001, we specialize in electronic product that it includes educational electronic toys, computer electronic accessories and LED saving energy power products. We strongly focus on R&D. Give us your specifications for play n plug TV Game, electronic learning machine, CPU Cooler fan, VGA Cooler fan and night LED light, and our team of 15 engineers will have the software written, interface laid out, and case designed in the short span of 28 hours - that's 10 times faster than the competition. Get your specifications turned around quickly and leave yourself more time to work out the details of your marketing strategy and make shipping arrangements with your own clients. To handle your volume orders and ensure on-time delivery, we operate two factories with a total of 12 production lines. Monthly capacity for our play n plug game machines is 300,000 units, with delivery in 30 days. We are ISO 9001:2000 certified, and all products are CE-, ASTM-, CNFI-, ROHS and CHPR-certified. We have a strong QC team made up of 30 specialized staff, including engineers and technicians. Regular training programs are offered to QC staff, including in-house training. Our ISO 9001:2000 certification and other approvals guarantee our commitment to quality. Before production starts, we perform QA on all materials. During production development, we focus on the design, structure and features of the product. We then conduct QC tests at each stage of production, including random checking, inspections on finished products, pre-packaging and post-packaging. Each product is checked before shipment.

Main Products

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