Taiwan Sheen Soon Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of TPU-Thermoplastic Polyurethane


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Taiwan Sheen Soon Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). Our company was established in July, 1997 and our products were officially put into production in 1998. In August, 2005, our factory was moved to a new plant with 12,000 square meters of area and with an annual production capacity of 8,000 metric tons. In 2009, we cooperated with Pou Chen Group through investing in our subsidiary called Zhongshan Baothane Technology Co., Ltd.in Guangdong, China, with annual capacity 5,000 metric tons. At present, our annual production capacity in Taiwan plant is up to 20,000 metric tons and our Taiwan plant covers 24,000 square meters. We do have six main products, including TPU for solvent-based adhesive, hotmelt adhesive, injection, extrusion, blown film, and TPU for ink industry.
In 2009, we won the title of the 12th Rising Star in Taiwan. At the end of 2009, we passed ISO9001 certification to enhance our quality control in order to offer the best TPU for our customers. In 2010, SHEENTHANE TPU passed EU RoHS. In 2011, our president, Jason Chou was selected to be an Outstanding Entrepreneur of R.O.C. by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and was presented with the Golden Merchant Award by the General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China, Taiwan.
Taiwan Sheen Soon Co., Ltd. is devoted to the research and development, innovation, quality improvement and cost control. We actively develop various high performance products of TPU in order to increase the competitiveness of our customers in the market for the everlasting business. Most importantly, we keep following the philosophy of "Top Quality with Reasonable Prices" and “Trust and Win-Win Strategies” to serve our customers.

Taiwan Sheen Soon will uphold its business philosophy “ Top Quality with a Reasonable Price” and “ Trust and Win-Win Strategies” to customers.

With a professional R&D team and the newest Laboratory Research Technology, Taiwan Sheen Soon is devoted to new product innovation, quality improvement, cost control and actively developing various high performance TPU products to elevate customers’ competitiveness in the market.

Main Products

1.TPU for solvent-based PU adhesive.
2.TPU for hotmelt adhesive.
3.TPU for ink.
4.TPU for hot-melt adhesive powder.
5.TPU hot-melt adhesives for counters & toe puffs.
6.TPU for blown film.
7.TPU for injection.
8.TPU for extrusion.