Shenzhen June Lead Technologies Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Professional manufacturer of electronic ( electrical, electric) parts & components such as LED displays, LED screens, Led moving signs, custom LED displays and LED display screen.

Main Products

electronic ( electrical, electric) parts & components- (1) LED display, LED displays- LED screen, LED screens, indoor & outdoor display, outdoor LED & full color displays, custom LED displays & screens, semi outdoor, dual, twin & single color LED display, clock, outdoor, indoor single and dual color LED display screens. (2) LED moving sign, LED moving signs- indoor & semi outdoor single line signs, mulit line signs, lingual signs, outdoor message signs. (3) LED small products- LED open series, car messengers, car licenses, LED three dimensional mira balls. (4) LED lights- LED modules, traffic lamps, LED tubular lights, LED rope. (5) LED videos and TVs ( televisions), LED monitors, dot matrix, 7 ( seven) & 10 ( ten) segments ( meters), LED boards ( signboards, motherboards) and lights ( lightings), LED matrix projects, LED using voltage displays, digital & alphanumeric LED displays ( screens, display screens) LED display moving signs & bulletin boards & posters,