So Mei Plastic Technology Inc.

Specialists in Precision Injection Molding.


Company Introduction

So Mei Plastic Technology was founded in Taoyuan, Taiwan in 1985, with a subsequent plant constructed in China in 2003. With over 20 years' experience, we specialize in offering a wide of in-house projection moldings and mold making, created only with the highest quality molding products at the lowest possible cost and superior customer service to meet the demands continuing business relationships with a broad range of customers, both domestic and abroad. Our key services: engineering design assistance, value-added/cost reduction, product and tool design, material suggestion, quick quote, mold making, precision injection molding, rapid prototyping, assembly and packing, secondary operations machining, decorating, hot stamping and etc. We also manufacture cell phones, electronics consumer goods, medical devices, hardware, pop items, copy / printer machines, watch parts, mini-motor parts, and coil boddins. No matter what plastic products you want, what special services you need, please try us, we have the experience and the capability to serve you quickly and economically. We welcome your inquiries and we are at your disposal for any other information you might need.

Main Products

Manufacturer of a wide of in-house projection moldings including precision injection molding, custom injection mold, metal stampings, plastic molds, China casting, die casting designs, engineering design assistance, value- added & cost reductions, product and tool designs, material suggestions, quick quotes, rapid prototyping, assembly and packings, secondary operations machinings, decorating ( IMD), hot stampings, ultra- sonic weldings, painting, screen printing, metal & wooden- to- plastic conversions, mini motor gears & coil bobbins, computer connectors, copy & printer machine parts, various types of bobbins, camera and printer gears, watch parts, cell phone parts, electronics parts, tool boxes, squeegees w & swab for paint ball guns, IMD parts, pop products, picture hangers, TPR parts, pedometers & timers & alarm clocks, digital thermometers, document trays, rulers, medical boxes.