Furnaceman & Heat Mfg Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of LPG gas & electric conveyor-bell quenching / tempering heat treatment furnaces. Any kinds of annealing, spheroidizing, braze welding, sintering heat treatment furnaces and repairing & maintenance for any kinds of heat treatment furnace.

Main Products

machinery equipments- furnace maintenance, case type & bell type sphenoidizing annealing furnace, heat resistance, heat treatment, case furnace, pot furnace, annealing furnace, miniature expenimenial furnace, continuous powder sintering furnace, heat restance material, continuous quenching furnace, sealed case type carburization furnace, endothermic type RX gas denaturing furnace, well type annealing and tempering furnace, continuous furnace for forge use gas burner, continuous heat treatment furnace.