Super Electronics Co., Ltd

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of magnetic related products such as hard ferrite, polar anisotropic ferrite ring magnets and rubber magnet. Magnetic related products have a profound relationship with human’s daily life. In order to enable human life to be more convenient than ever, magnetic related products have not only conjoined tightly with human’s needs in one, but also linked up with electricity, mechanics, chemistry, and optics for creating meaningful life. Super is now on its way to future by retaining its traditional philosophy and enhancing the "Technology Innovation" to meet the final target in "Customer Satisfaction."

Main Products

(1) magnetic related products- ferrite magnets, hard ferrite isotropic and anisotropic ferrite magnets, polar anisotropic ferrite ring magnets, ring varistors, permanent magnets, rubber magnet, bounded rubber magnets, anisotropic and isotropic rubber magnet, Strontium Titanate ( SrTiO3) varistors, ring varistors, ferrite cores, magnet supply ( supplies), magnet materials and assembly ( assemblies), magnet ( magnetic compound), NdFeB ( Nd Fe B) magnets, anisotropic two polar ring magnets, Ni Zn ( Ni-Zn) ferrite, multi pole ring magnets, soft ferrite magnets. (2) telecommunication products- GPS ceramic patch antennas, GPS receive antennas, GPS active antennas, external active GPS antennas, GPS internal antennas, embedded antennas, dielectric ceramic antennas, mini active antennas, GPS modules.