Huei Shang Industrial Co.,Ltd. (HSI)

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

HSI is the main supplier of spring making equipment, and spring making machinery of the world-wide market over two decades. The spring making equipment like various electric stress release furnace, pay-off, parts collector, spring length gage, spring tester, parts washer all are made by HSI in high quality level. SI has been associating with HTC who is a well-known manufacturer for CNC coiler and CNC spring former in the spring industries. Acting as marketing agent of HTC, HSI has been becoming the perfect supplier of spring making equipment and spring making machinery that will offer a total solution for the spring manufacturers all the time. Both HSI and HTC are not only supplying the very high quality machines. HSI has established its world-wide distribution with service-center being able to offer the efficient service for all customers.

Main Products

We specialize in manufacturing spring making machinery including- (1) CNC spring coiling machinery, CNC spring formers, spring grinders. (2) furnaces- electric conveyor furnaces, electric strip link belt furnaces, high velocity furnace, spiral type electric furnace, box type furnace, high temp, electric conveyor furnaces, heat treatment furnaces. (3) cooling conveyors, electrostatic air cleaners, oven & parts collector combinations, parts collectors, high speed wire pay off systems, high speed wire pay off system for spool wire, parts washers, spring length gages, spring testers, compression and extension spring auto computerized torsion spring testers, automatic computerized load sorting machines.