Sunfix Industrial Co., Ltd.

The PU/PVC Artificial Leather Experts


Company Introduction

We are an exporter and manufacturer of PU/PVC artificial leather products and the related Chemicals, Coating equipments, and Accessory materials.

We currently have many customers in South America, Europe, and Asia many countries.

We pride ourselves on being the best in our field with the best quality products, the best technical know-how, and the services, because:

We have our own factories. We understand the manufacturing processes from beginning to end, from raw material selection to quality control.

We have been in business since 1978. With years of experience in the business, we know how to create value for our customers. Not only do we deliver value for money, but also save our customers time.

We have our R & D department. This means we always find better ways to serve our customers to satify their different needs.

Main Products

1. Chemicals for PU/PVC leather.
a. PU resin for PU skin, Adhesive, PU coagulated process and Semi-PU leather skin. Also, high solid content for Adhesive.
b. TPU granules.
c. PVC and PU surface treatment agent.
d. PVC color paste.
e. PU color chips.
f. PVC extender.
g. ADCL Blowing agent, ADCL in low temperature state.
h. PVC Plasticizer–DOP, DINP, DOA, DIDP, TOTM.
i. PVC Stabilizer–Ba-Zn, Ca-Zn, K-Zn,…etc.
j. Additive–Levelling agent, Feeling agent, Dispersion agent.
2. Non-Woven fabrics.
a. Spunlace.
100% Polyester-35, 40, 45, 60, 75 gsm for PVC leather lamination.
50% PV / 50% Polyester – 60, 80, 100, 120 gsm for PU coagulated base.
b. Needle Punching.
100% Polyester–120, 150, 180, 220, 270, 300 gsm only or Dipping.
Jet black ( Yarn dye available ).
3.75D 100% Polyester knitted raised fabrics.
0.8 mm x 60” 165–170 gm/yd White or Black color available.
Ex–Micro fiber.
4. Coating equipments in artificial leather and fabrics application.
a. PU/PVC leather coating plant.
b. PU leather wet-process coating line.
c. 3 in 1 Printing, Embossing and Lamination machine– Metallic foil.
d. Fabrics direct coating line.
e. Flocking suede coating line.
f. Anti-slip PVC floor covering line.
g. Wall paper coating plant.
h. 3-colors printing machine.
i. Lamination machine.
j. Embossing machine.
k. Sanding / Buffering machine.
l. Tumbling machine–dry type and washing type.
m. Cutting edge machine.
n. Mixing or Vacuum mixing machine.
o. Inspection machine.
p. Packing machine with conveyor, heat shrinkage.
q. Testing machine in laboratory.
r. Steel or Silicone Embossing roller.
s. Printing roller in general design.
t. Printing roller for high solid sculpture design.
5. Metallic foils for Hot stamping, Laminating and Transfer type.
a. Transfer foil.
b. Lamination foil.
c. Hot stamping foil.
d. Metallic film.
e. Holographic film.
f. Solar film.
g. Transparent film.
l. Twin-colors film.
m. Printing film.
6.2D/3D Lenticular Film with PVC or PU base.
7. TPU film or Adhesive film.
TPU film white or clear with or without breathable effect.
TPU sheet under 0.60 mm thickness in transparent or embossing design.
8. Leather products.
a. PVC foam mattress or Yoga kit–Anti-slip mattress.
b. PU/PVC artificial leather.
c. Flocking cloth.