Yung Chane Shuen Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

With specified design ability, Yung Chane Shuen Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1980 and started to produce high-quality and high-effect drying machines. For 10 years, our company has been continuing devoting to developing in the hope of providing drying machines with excellent quality. Furthermore, we devote to researching and producing products that meet the requirements of environmental protection oriented such as the products of YUNG CHANG SHUEN portable dust collecting equipment, central dust collecting equipment, spray paint equipment and incinerator equipment. Our products have great marketing share so that choosing to use our products will be the smartest option. For the years, we bear the following three concepts in our minds:
1. We promise to provide products of high-quality, high-effect and low-breakdown rate.
2. We promise not only to provide you with the machinery equipment but also provide you with the specified knowledge.
3.We sincerely hope that you could always depend on our quality and service.

Main Products

we provide machinery equipment- (1) professional drying equipment- lumber drying machines. (2) burning ovens- fix bed incinerators. (3) air pollution control equipment- limit load fan blowers. (4) travelling dust collectors- portable dust collectors. (5) spark extinguishing systems- grecon spark extinguishing systems. (6) painting equipments- painting water booth equipments. (7) dust collectors- cyclone dust collectors, cyclone-dust collector systems, (8) woodworking machines- (linear and profile edge sanders, hydraulic double ends drilling machines, hydraulic copying lathes, hydraulic straight and spiral groove turning lathes. (9) dust-collector optiflow, timber quarantine heat treatments.