Chuen Jing Water Pump Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction

Manufacturer of auto water pumps. It possesses strong technical strength and powerful development and research capability. Specializing in the sales and service of motor injection pump, full flow type coaxial water pump, self-suction type pump, Quadrupole interchangeable pump, large volume two-stage high speed pump, high pressure pump, high performance irrigation water pump, water pumping machine for industrial and municipal uses.

Main Products

Manufacturer of auto water pumps, pure water machines, motor injection pumps, full flow type coaxial water pumps, self-suction type pumps, quadrupole interchangeable pumps, large volume two stage high speed pumps, high pressure pumps, high performance irrigation water pumps, water pumping machines, hydraulic pumps, electric water pumps, centrifugal pump, pump parts, diaphragm pumps, piston pumps, heat pumps, booster pumps, fuel pump, gear pump, sewage pump, grease pump, reverse osmosis pump, steering pump, lotion pump, rotary vane vacuum pump, dry vacuum pump, fitness pump, magnetic drive pumps, drainage pump, high flow pump, drum pump, axial flow pumps, power steering pump, transmission pump, rotary pump, sump pump, frame pump, breast pumps, hand pump, stainless steel pumps, impeller pump, magnetic drive pump, circulation pumps, fountain pump, grinder pump, plastic pump, truck water pump, aquarium pumps.