Goodwell Electric Corporation

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Goodwell Electric Corporation has invested and been continuous investing huge capitals in advanced manufacturing technologies, primarily introduced from Germany and USA to provide innovative and consistent produces to our customer. We manufacture of mainly high-voltage over-head & underground cable accessories, power fuse unit, surge arresters, sf6line switches, disconnection switches and polymer insulators. All key components are made in house by our Automatic Pressure Gelation (Epoxy Injection) plant, EPDM Rubber Injection plant, Silicone Rubber Injection plant and Plastic Injection Plant, at relatively large manufacturing scale. We have been certified as ISO 9001 (ISO 2000 edition) manufacturer, and our operating philosophy is to benefits both our customers and ourselves through the quality system. We always do our best to fully satisfy our customers, therefore, Goodwell Electric Corporation is a one stop supplier capable of supplying all your fasteners needs in all materials and finished.

Main Products

Manufacturer of cable accessories such as (1) under ground cable accessory- loadbreak elbow connectors, loadbreak junctions, loadbreak protective caps, deadbreak elbow connectors, cable splices. (2) over voltage protections- polymer surge arresters. (3) over current protections- fuse cutouts, fuse link, power fuse mountings. (4) street light switches, disconnection switches and polymer insulators, vacuum switches, gas insulated switches. (5) outdoor line post insulators- cycloaliphatic resin bushings and insulators. (6) circuit monitoring- fault indicator. (7) arcing silencer, instrument transformers, fault circuits detectors, epoxy components, electric meters, cast resin splicing kits and electrical sealing tape.