Guangzhou Shanghong Electronics Plastic Co., Ltd.

Pedometer, Thermometer, Clock, Radio Controlled Clock, Medical Accessory.


Company Introduction

Guangzhou Shanghong Electronics Plastic Co., Ltd. was established in June, 1999. We Manufacturer of radio controlled clock, digital clock, LCD clock, electric clock, calendar, radio, pedometer, timer, score memo, thermometer, flashlight and calculator. We not only provide good service but also provide high quality; we guarantee we would not make you disappointed. If you are interested in our product or you want to enquiry, please contact with us. We are happy to look your coming.

Main Products

clocks & timepieces supply ( supplies)- clocks, radio controlled clock, LCD clock, LCD display clocks, alarm clock radios, digital alarms clock radio, digit clocks, electric clocks, auto ( automatic, automation, automated) electrical clocks, alarm clocks, China ( Chinese) clocks, pedometers, digital timers, digital battery clocks, score memos, calculators, distance pedometers, medical accessory ( accessories), gifts & promotional premiums, gift items, flashlights ( flash lights/ lightings), digital & table/ desk & desktop clocks, time recorders, novelty ( novelties) clocks, electronics calendars, calendar clocks, digital clocks, table clocks, LCD atomic and LCD analog clocks, LCD wall ( projection, projector, countdown, color/ colour, monitor, car, ) clock, LED clocks, LCD clock modules, clock on LCDs, blue ( power/ powered, LCD clocks) clocks, LCD travel ( traveling, traveling) alarm clocks, mini ( miniature) LCD clocks, digital wall clocks, backlight clocks, talking alarm clocks, LCD stopwatch ( stopwatches, stop watch/ watches), vibrating clocks, alarm displays, wake up ( wakeup) clocks, timex ( computer, temperature, setting, date, outdoor, light, screen, character, OLED, flat) clocks, backlight timers, LCD alarms, LCD controllers, radio controlled atomic clocks, outdoor radio controlled wall clocks, timex ( set, global) radio controlled clocks, radio controlled atomic alarm ( travel, analog) clocks, pillbox timers, pill box ( boxes) with timers, pill dispensers with timer, medicine timers, pill reminders alarms, medication reminders, kitchen timers, pill nottle multi alarms, tabtime ( tab time) electronic pill box, pill crushers, cedication reminder watch, medicine reminder weekly pill organizers, pill despencers, dispenser timers, vibrating timers. (2) health ( healthy) body care products- pedometer steps, step counters, consumer electronic products, distance counters, body fat analyzers, electronic plastics, electronic thermometers, digital thermometer, portable digital pocket thermometers, beauty products.