Splendor International Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Splendor International Ltd. registered in Hong Kong, we specialize in the manufacturing of various rubber and silicone rubber products, plastic injection mould tooling, plastic parts. Established in 1991, our facilities are fitted with advanced imported equipment, complemented by sophisticated quality inspection apparatus. Using high-grade materials imported from Taiwan and Japan, we can ensure that all finished products are of guaranteed quality standards. Meanwhile, having attracted first-class managers, engineers and technicians, consciousness of quality issues are at the forefront of all workers' minds. Having several years' experience of exporting our various series, sales to overseas clients now account for more than three quarters of our annual turnovers. Apart from buyers in the domestic market, our customer base currently extends to Europe, North America, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Supplying products with numerous applications, our main lines include keypads and keyboards for telephones, remote controllers, and computers; rollers, rubber feet, and other silicone rubber and rubber items. Moreover, we supply customers with plastic injection mould tooling, plastic parts, lifting electromagnets and electromagnet separators. Furthermore, we also accepted any customized requirements that clients may have for completion. We are working to provide buyers worldwide with standardized products, competitive prices, on-time delivery and excellent service. Please contact us if you are interested in any of our series. Our staff are standing by to deal with your inquiries.

Main Products

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