Datafield Industries Hong Kong Limited (Datafield Electric Wire Dongguan Co.Ltd)

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Datafield Industries specializes in the auto wiring harness manufacturing and assemblies of automotive wiring harness, car harness, car harnesses, wire harness, wire harnesses, cable harness, cable harnesses, automotive wiring harness, automotive wiring harnesses, auto wire harness, auto wire harnesses, medical harness, medical harnesses, cable for home appliances, audio & video cables- DVI cable, RCA cables and so on. At Datafield Industries, we strive to provide utmost customer satisfaction. From enquires, sample submission, manufacturing, delivery, and after sales services, we ensure that your requirement at every step is taken care of. Our products are widely accepted by multi-national companies such as Alcatel, Robert Lucent Technologies, Siemens AG, Uniden, Jabil Circuits etc. After years of hardworking, Datafield becomes one of the leading manufacturers of wiring harness & cable that we also build up reputation for making high-quality products; if you are interested in our products, please contact us immediately. We welcome your inquiries and we are at your disposal for any other information you might need.

◎Ensuring Customer Satisfaction
We signed Non Disclosure Agreement with our customer and withhold the agreement.
Our Product fully complying to customer requirement per customer drawing, specification and any deviation will be approved by customer before proceed.
We deliver product according to agreed customer schedule.
We provide VMI, consignment stocking program with agreement.
◎Quality Products Guaranteed.
Our Incoming and outgoing inspection use C=0 criteria to reduce the chance of non-conforming part going into production.
We 100% test the product for their functionality and connectivity.
We ensure the lowest in house and customer quality cost
◎Compliance with Environmental Obligations
We use RoHS compliance components only.
We ensure process comply to RoHS.
We inspect the incoming components for RoHS compliance

Main Products

We specialize in a variety of cables & wire products such as (1) cables & wire harness- automotive wiring harness, medical harnesses. (2) audio & video cables- DVI cable, RCA cables, mono & stereo cables, S-video cables. (3) computer cords- IEEE 1394a, keyboard and mouse PS/2 cables, modem & serial cables, USB ( 1.1 2.0), monitor and VGA cables, printer and parallel cables. (4) Network cables- CAT.5 and 5e (SSTP, UTP, STP). (5) flexible power cables- 3 core power cables, power connection with special plug & protective conduit (6) ground connectors, harting connectors, home appliances, multi core, multi cores, DC cords, telephone cables.