Winsonic Electronic Col, Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of industrial display and surveillance display. Its customer consists of commercial accounts, original equipment manufacturers, equipment maintenance companies, value-added resellers, gamming, and numerous transportation facilities.

Main Products

1. Industrial Display:

(1) Chassis Display - Housed in metal, design to be implemented into custom built projects, includes VGA display, Touch display, digital signage and display with AV input.

(2) Open Frame – module parts, removable mounting bracket, easily to upgrade to chassis display, rack mount display or panel mount display, for application like in kiosk, gaming and ATM.

(3) Panel Mount – 10mm Aluminum front panel, rugged design, suitable for industrial application.

(4) Rack Mount - Provides full range of 19” Rack mount LCD monitor for industrial and commercial application, major strength unit saves space for your compact environment rack.

2. CCTV/Surveillance display.

3. Security LCD monitor displays image from DVR or CCD camera which give excellent clarity, viewing scope, and user friendly. With specially design on hardware and firmware, it supports multi-input-source management, (AV Looping& 3D comb Filter), hot key display source swapping, auto input source detecting with programmable timing.

4. LCD Touch Monitor- provides touch screens which available in a wide variety of product families (Resistive, Capacitive, SAW, and Infrared). In different sizes, shape, and surface treatments to reconcile virtually any application and environment (includes, Gaming, Retail, POS, Medical and Hospitality) .

5. Digital Signage (Stand alone)- This provide plug-and-play digital signage application, which is easy, reliable and convenient, perfect for area that not require updating of content on a frequent basis. Even when the updates are needed, the Compact Flash media storage allows for a quick and simple change.

6. Networking Digital Signage ( IP Enabled )- For wide area work group, content upload and play list manage via network(IP), offer speedy advertisement information spread at economical cost.