Fwu Mau Furniture Co.,

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Established in 1998, Fwu Mau Furniture Co. is a prominent manufacturer of children furniture in Taiwan. Based on over twenty years' manufactory experiences and ten years' profession in designing furniture for kindergartens and elementary schools, our company is persistently doing research and development, and we also welcome OEM projects. Our main products including furniture, kindergarten furniture, chair furniture, wood furniture, computer & DIY furniture, nursing table, system cabinets, combination storages, cartoon tables, curved storage units, cubby storages, computer chairs & tables, rectangular tables, DIY square tables, puppet stage, personal tables, toy & shoes storages, shoe cabinets, cubby coat lockers, levels storages, multi function storages, compartments cabinets, toy cases, book stands, swivel bookcases and so on. Fwu Mau has been seeking perfect quality with professional skills. Our product range is not only suitable for schools but families. We aim at providing children with profound and healthy facilities, so that kids can study and grow up happily in a safe and comfortable. We welcome your inquiries and we are at your disposal for any other information you might need.

Main Products

Manufacturer of system furniture, including computer furniture, combination storage, DIY furniture, nursing table, system cabinet, cartoon table and curved storage units, bookcase, mini chef offer, baby series, all-purpose cabinet, table series, chair series, baby dinette, bulletin board, chalkboard, bedroom set, desk & chair set, children bedroom set, bookcase & ladder, hexagonal table, compartments cabinet, open corner storage units, elegant table, rectangular table, toy storage, shoes storage seat.