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Company Introduction :

Founded in 1998, SmartAnt has grown into a world-leading company in antenna development and manufacturing. The migration of communication industry from cabled network into wireless transmission has been so rapid over the past decade that time-to-market is the only way for SmartAnt's customers to compete in the arena. With state-of-the-art antenna solutions provided by SmartAnt, its customers enjoyed prosperity while focusing on their core technology and hence shortening design cycle. Companies from worldwide have turned to SmartAnt as their partner for timely and reliable antenna solutions. SmartAnt have well data base on the deployment experience to provide customer added value on their on going project. We propose the optimal antenna solutions for value customer. SmartAnt's mission is to become the global leader in antenna industry and the most trustworthy partner for customers' antenna needs by carrying out its corporate culture: credibility, realism, and innovation. To make the culture into action, people with SmartAnt take credible attitude towards customers, realistic attitude in establishing high quality system (SmartAnt has been ISO 9001 certified since 2001, and ISO 14001 certified since 2006 ) and innovative attitude in product development. SmartAnt promises to meet customers' needs, even exceed their expectations. It is SmartAnt's ultimate goal that people always go to SmartAnt whenever they think of antennas.

Main Products :

802.16d WiMAX outdoor base station antenna.
802.16d WiMAX outdoor CPE external antenna.
802.16d WiMAX CPE embedded antenna.
802.16d WiMAX indoor CPE external antenna.
802.16e WiMAX outdoor base station antenna.
802.16e WiMAX outdoor CPE external antenna.
802.16e WiMAX CPE embedded antenna.
802.16e WiMAX indoor CPE external antenna.
802.11b/g Wi-Fi outdoor antenna.
802.11b/g Wi-Fi indoor antenna.
802.11b/g Wi-Fi Range extension antenna.
802.11b/g Wi-Fi AP/Router antenna.
802.11a Wi-Fi outdoor antenna.
802.11a Wi-Fi indoor antenna.
802.11a Wi-Fi Range extension antenna.
802.11a Wi-Fi AP/Router antenna.
802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi outdoor antenna.
802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi indoor antenna.
802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi Range extension antenna.
802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi AP/Router antenna.
802.11n Wi-Fi outdoor antenna.
802.11n Wi-Fi indoor antenna.
802.11n Wi-Fi Range extension antenna.
802.11n Wi-Fi AP/Router antenna.
(7) Bluetooth antenna.
(8) RFID antenna.
(9) UWB antenna.
(10) UHF band DTV antenna.
X-band marine radar antenna system.
X-band seeking radar antenna system for military.
X-band motion detector antenna system.
(12) Ka-band Anticollision radar antenna system.
(13) 802.11 GSM/UMTS/WCDMA base station antenna.
(14) Low cost Plastic rain proof CPE enclosure.
(15) IPX7 water-proof Aluminium die casting CPE enclosure.
(16) Active antenna.

Other Information :

Business Nature : Manufacturer, Exporter, ODM, OEM
Year Established : 1998
Company Capital : USD 8,000,001 ~ 10,000,000
Annual Revenue : USD 8,000,001 ~ 10,000,000
Annual Capacity : 200000 pcs
President : Mr. Wang Chien Chi
No. of Total Staff : 51 ~ 100
Current Export Markets : Worldwide
Trade Term : FOB ( Port: TW )
Shipment : Sea, Air, Truck
Delivery Time : 42 days
Currency : TWD
Payment Terms : T/T
Negotiable : Negotiable
Factory Size in Square Meters : 3712

SmartAnt Telecom Co., Ltd.

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