Liang Herng Elec Mach Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction

Liang Herng Elec Mach Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982, is a professional industrial fan manufacturer in Taiwan. Based on more than 20 years of experience in mold-making, die-casting and plastic injection, we are now a well-known expert in developing AC/DC cooling fans, blowers and impellers and accessories such as plug cord, finger guard and plastic filter guard. Until 1998, we started to develop DC fans and expand our own “LIANG HERNG” brand into new market. The sizes of DC fans are available from 40mm to 172mm. Liang Herng is located at Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities in order to provide the high quality products. Our experienced engineers choose the best material in order to keep the products in the best quality. The performances of fans are as good as those famous brands in Germany and Japan and the features are low current, high quality and competitive price. Moreover, all of the products are under precise quality inspection before delivery. Liang Herng is the best choice of your ventilation system. Being an innovative manufacturer, we keep on developing new series of cooling fans. In recent years, newly developed series of fans include AC motorized impeller, AC axial fan (with round or square metal plate) and AC centrifugal blower. Welcome to visit our website for the latest products information!

Main Products

We are a professional manufacturer of industrial fan, AC/DC cooling fan, exhaust fans, brushless fans, air flow fans, refrigerator fans, freezer fans, CPU fans, mini fans, small fans, engine cooling fan, car fans, computer fans, AC motorized impeller, AC axial fan (with round/ square metal plate), AC centrifugal blower, and accessories such as plug cord, fan guards, finger guards & plastic filter guards, and etc.