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Electric Cylinder Actuators
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    The CA range of electric cylinders have been designed with the most demanding of automation tasks in mind and are the first real linear motors to challenge pneumatic devices. The offer long life and much more precise and repeatable force control and ...
Gauging Machines
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    SMAC unique electric actuator configuration such as mini inline XYZ gauging systems gives you the capability of 100% parts inspection (eliminating bad parts) and correction through immediate feedback and adjustment i the manufacturing process. Volume...
High Speed PP Actuators
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    1. Over 10,000 units sold.100 million life cycle without maintenance.
    2. Reliability:
    (1) Sold more than 10,000 units.
    (2) 100 million+ life cycle.
    (3) Linear (moving coil) & rotary (brushless motor) actuator.
    3. Precise force control:
Gripper Actuators
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    1. SMAC grippers find use in many markets, one of their key features being the ability to independently control each jaw. The soft-land technique ensures that fragile components are not harmed.
    2. The diminutive GRP17 is the smallest gripper yet.
Electric Cylinders
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    1. The CAL12 series have 12mm diameter with a stroke length of 10mm.
    2. They are offered with minimum force of 0.2N and maximum force of 2N, and a choice of encoder resolutions from 5 micron down to 100 nanometer to satisfy a variety of industrial, ...