Rainbow Package Industrial Co., Ltd.

Professional Rainbow Films manufacturer.


Company Introduction

Rainbow Package Industrial Co., LTD. was founded in 1992, the combination of mechanical and optical industry background, its own R & D success of the first to engage in the National Rainbow membrane manufacturers. Rainbow Film is a film not adds any dye or pigment natural circumstances can show dazzling shiny film uses an extremely broad scope. As the founder of the industry, since its inception, we constantly innovate to improve production technology and equipment, the full implementation of automation, by virtue of superior quality attack the market and to a strong R & D strength of new product development for all kinds of business, the pursuit of business excellence and global growth internationalization. Over the years the company uphold the integrity “responsible” with quality business philosophy and objectives to meet customer demand, the establishment of professional leadership. The future pattern of innovative products, we will continue to adhere to the consistent quality, continuing to provide customers a comprehensive high-quality service.

Main Products

Professional manufacturer of rainbow films, packaging materials, dazzling shiny films, flexible and transparent rainbow films, polymers films, PET ( PP, PC, PMMA) films, unique materials for decorative appeal, laminating films rollers, novelty gift-wraps and flower bouquet packing, display materials products films, box over-wrap films, craft materials, stage setting films, festival decoration films, audio-visual overlay packaging, box window packages, reflective ( glitter, thin, printable transfers, special, thermal lamination) films, etc.