J. Yan Technology Co., Ltd.

Supplier of Electronic Components Packing Material, Racing Pigeon Feeds, and Feed Additives.


Company Introduction

J. Yan Technology Co., Ltd, was established in October 2006. We purchased slitting machines to process Kraft paper, insulation Paper, masking paper, condenser paper and other electronic Component packing material. Moreover, we have group of professional and skillful operators complete all our supply. In Jun 2008, base on the principle of business continuity and development, we have additional business items in relate to poultry, cattle and pisciculture feed additive agent and the feed prescription development. Besides, our company is interested in competitive and vast potential market of Manilla paper and related products to supply electronic industries in Southeast Asia. J. Yan recent targets are to pursue perfect quality with excellent brand and to get customer’s supports with high quality but low price. Our long-term target is to unite the wisdom of all staff to develop various auto rolling belts & attached components and to reduce the cost for customers so that we can attend the international market.

Main Products

We provide (1) electronics components packing materials, carrier (cover, mask, insulation papers & semi adhesive, conductive, duct, Kapton, Kraft, label, protection, sensitive adhesive, SMT & SMD embossed carrier) tapes, condenser electrolytic papers, thermal melting tapes, joining tapes, Manilla paper and related products, specialty cardboard ribbons, IC semiconductor tapes making, PET tapes. (2) racing pigeon feeds, red soil pills, livestock (waterfowl, animal, fish) feed additives, animal nutrition additives, safe feeds, feed admixtures. OEM/ ODM are welcome.