New Asia Knives Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer Of Machinery Knives, Metal Shear Blades, Paper Cutting Knives, and Trimmer Knives.


Company Introduction

Since 1958, New Asia Knives has been holding fast the believe of challenging the limits, taking the approach of research and innovation, and believing that only when we constantly revolutionize and increase our technology edge over others, will we be able to satisfy the needs of our clients for excellence. From Tungsten Carbide to High Speed Steel, we can make the knives to six-meters and achieve a smooth cutting. Based on 50 years professional experience, and seasoned customized producing technology, NAK is able to take a great leap forward into the worldwide machinery knives manufacturer of the eight major industries: Metal, Veneer, Printing &Paper, Corrugated & Packing, Plastic & Rubber, Agriculture, IC and Other industries. Over 5000 clients from 30 different countries worldwide had already experienced the excellence of NAK, from varied long-shape knives, circular knives to specialized machinery knives. We therefore also invite you to experience the superior quality of production that is a result of our beliefs in our motto “sharpness, durability and high performance price ratio”.

Main Products

We provide metal shear blades, paper cutting & trimmer knives, corrugated (cardboard) sheeter knives, slitter knifes, IC copper-foil board cutting knives, veneer & slicers, plastic granulator and crusher knives, agriculture & serrated cut off knives, veneer peeling & clipper knives, press brake tools, guillotine and splitter knives, roll splitter (helico sheeter, flexo, veneer peeling, planer, chipper, plastic crusher, plastic bag, packing) knives, doctor blades, header machinery pinking shears, harvester reciprocating cutters, knife sections, ledger & glue scrape knives… OEM/ ODM are welcome.