Topist Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Topist Enterprise Co., Ltd. is an international trading company to combine with our own screw-manufacturing factory, Top Green Corporation, as to be an exporter & manufacturer. We specialize in widely range of CNC machined parts, assorted hardware component, nylon insert locking nuts, thread forming screw, bi-metal screws, micro screws, construction screws, particle board screws, dowel screws, thread cutting & titanium screws, lag screw, aluminum screws, etc. Topist has established since November year 1989 and qualified the ISO 9001:2000 since May year 1999. The customer widely spread in Asia, Europe, American Continental, Pacific Ocean area and so on. There is an old saying " a small soldier makes great merits" in China, what does it mean is exactly screw. We perform our job according to the spirit of the old saying to create the most value for the whole society. Also, there is only one earth, but earth's resources are decreasing rapidly, what even worse is our environment is being devastated fast. In order to represent our resolution to protect earth, we named our factory "Top Green Corporation" and practically make our every effort to protect our earth. The name of our company "Topist” is compound of "Top" and " First". It means the best, supreme, excellence. As a member of our country and society, we have courage and resolution to become the best enterprise in this industry. We are confident to practice the words of "Top First" in the near future.

Main Products

An exporter & manufacturer of screw product and CNC machined parts and assorted hardware components, including self drilling screws, various special screws, rings, washers, spring pins, stamping parts, stainless screws and bolts, brass inserts, DIY packing screws, lathe part, brass bit inserts, self tapping screws, insert nuts, thread forming (SEMS, socket, hex head cap, flat, DIN, IFI, JIS, drywall, die casting, plastic, PC, slotted, stainless steel machine) screws, precision metal parts, lock (wing, square) nuts, spring washers, sintered products, roofing and carriage bolts, T-nuts, wheel (high tensile, hot forging) bolts, bonded (EPDM, weld, structural) nuts, concrete anchors. OEM and ODM are welcome.